Welcome to the official website of Cork Road Allotments

Our Committee Members for 2020 are;

Acting Chair  Nicole Hollis
Treasurer      Joan Houghton
Secretary       Aalia Wayfare
Committee      Andrew Brown
Committee      Steven Kay
Committee      Chloe Hollis
Committee      Phil Cherian

If you would like to be added to our Waiting List for a cultivated plot please complete the application form here. Please complete the form and we will contact you when a plot becomes available and you’re next on the list.

We usually offer half plots initially (approximately 150 square yards). It is almost impossible to offer an approximate waiting time, but there tends to be more movement at the beginning of the new rental year, around Feb/March time.

When you do commit to taking on a plot, you will need to complete our tenancy agreement and registration form (select the ‘Documents’ tab above) and pass the completed forms to a committee member.

Breakdown of Rent for 2019

Full Plot: Rent  31.00  Insurance £6.00  and Water £6.00  TOTAL £43.00 per year (there is a reduction for Senior Citizens and people receiving benefits.

Other costs: Purchases of Sheds, Greenhouses and tools are negotiated between the plotholders. Should you be so fortunate to inherit a plot with a shed or greenhouse already on it, additional donations to the allotment association are welcomed. Keys are £3.50

The Association

Cork Road Allotment Association is an unincorporated association which is a simple legal and financial structure allowing us to hold a bank account. Lancashire City Council is our landlord. Our Committee members are volunteers, elected at the Annual General Meeting in Feb/ March.

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